Kampana App


Kampana talks to your car through OBD2 and enables you to know a lot more about what's happening in real-time, beyond what's shown on the dashboard. Kampana dashboard gives real-time alerts and includes dials and graphs which you can customize according to your preference


Plug, Pair and Go

Kampana supports a large number of OBD2 data points and many OBD2-to-Bluetooth dongles including Vinli. Get any OBD2-to-Bluetooth dongles and plug it into OBD2 port of your vehicle. Then just pair your phone with the dongle. Once you start the engine, you will see the graphs and dials. Then you are ready to go.

Kampana trip feature logs your trip and even allows saving your data as CSV files.

Kampana has many Russian users and they requested a language translation. So we upgraded Kampana to include Russian. If you want Kampana in your preferred language just let us know.


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